Providing Accounting, Finance, and Advisory Solutions

Our team of experts have the knowledge and experience to provide your business with unique tailored solutions. Streamlining your finances for efficiency, working hand-in-hand with you to help your business achieve its financial goals and maximize profitability.
Our Services and Offerings

Empowering businesses through customized solutions

Our team of experts is here to help. We understand the challenges that businesses face, and we are committed to providing customized solutions that meet your unique needs.

Business & Financial Strategy

CFO Advisory Services uses a method called a “diagnostic review” to identify key accounting financial, operating and marketing indicators to help improve profit and cash flow.

The Fractional Model

Our team of CFOs goes beyond compliance work, joining forces with the CEO and investors to help improve cash flow and enhance the long-term value of the business.

Financial Operations Solutions

We can help companies in carrying out day-to-day activities, serving as a fractional team member, filling short –term vacancies, or helping find permanent employees for key roles in your company.

Business Transaction Services

CFO Advisory Services works with our clients to determine the best strategy for owners who are going through any of these three issues, while helping get the best value for their companies.

Unlock your business's financial potential with Oahu Consulting

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“Simon and his team have been invaluable to our team. He quickly put our financial operations in order, identifying opportunities for efficiency, and helped us grow our business. I’d highly recommend them to other businesses!”
Kelly L
Restaurant Owner - Kaneohe, HI
"Oahu Consulting has freed me up to focus on my business with confidence that my company’s finances are being taken care of. They proactively keep my books up to date and keep me in the loop on the items that need my attention. not only helped me with my clean-up, but they got me on track with timely monthly reporting.”​
Jim Francis
Boutique Law Firm - Honolulu, HI
"Using Oahu Consulting has been a voice of stability, helping us make better decisions informed by data. We get monthly reports and have dashboard that displays our financial information in an easy-to-understand format."
Jeffrey Ueda
Small Business Owner - Honolulu, HI
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